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Made from extremely durable pure vinyl, Harbinger Flooring is virtually indistinguishable from the natural beauty of the materials which inspire our designs with none of the practical drawbacks.


Harbinger Flooring offers significant advantages in terms of increased performance and lower maintenance. Whichever style or pattern you choose - Harbinger Flooring brings great looking, classic style to any commercial or residential application.


Dinoflex has been a leading innovator in the manufacture of recycled rubber products for over two decades. We specialize in producing premium quality rubber flooring, surfaces, tiles and custom products.


Our merchandise provides solutions for architects, designers and builders that are cost effective and environmentally friendly.


Since 1977 AcoustiGuard has aimed to give customers the best sound & vibration control products at the best value that they can find anywhere and to provide them with the information required to make informed buying decisions.


Soundproofing solutions are available for soundproofing walls, ceilings and floors in all building applications. We also handle soundproofing in industrial environments. At AcoustiGuard we offer a complete line of barriers, absorbers, and sound control underlayments as well as sound isolation clips and treadmill isolation mounts for your noise control applications.


Whether you are in need of a simple acoustic treatment or have a more complicated project like a recording studio, we have the products you need. Everything is in-stock – ready to ship. We can also assist you with your home theater design to ensure that you get the maximum enjoyment from your entertainment room.

AcoustiGuard GoldLine Treadmill Isolation Mounts Information


UZIN, the market leader in installation systems for floors and wood flooring in Germany, is committed to providing flooring installers with the best support for their day-to-day business – and guiding them on the road to success. This is achieved by our close relationship with customers which we view as partners. With high-quality products and service as well as our passion for optimization, further development and innovation. 


"We assist our customers to help them be successful." – This is the motto that impels all UZIN staff to give their best for you. It is important at this that in addition to perfect products and product systems you will receive our support in your everyday work. Trust us as your committed partner in all aspects of flooring.We are proud to be able to accompany you on your road to success.

Harbngr Vinyl
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