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Bay Resource Group has been at the leading edge in the development and distribution of niche flooring products for over 20 years.  They began as the BC representative for Dinoflex – a recycled rubber manufacturer in Salmon Arm, BC with a strong environmental foundation and international distribution chains.


Bay Resource Group is a family run business based in BC. Starting out of a garage in White Rock, the company has grown to employ 11 sales representatives in Western Canada with 8 support staff to ensure customers have efficient support from order desk to receipt of product. In addition, Bay Resource Group has distribution agreements covering Eastern Canada and the United States.


When President and CEO Ed Van Oene determined that luxury vinyl tile (LVT) was going to be the next flooring breakthrough, he extensively researched, sourced and developed a leading edge line of LVT which launched in 1999 under the Harbinger brand. Working with a high quality factory which operates under stringent environmental and quality mandates to produce a truly recyclable product while ensuring employees are treated fairly is part of Bay Resource Group’s philosophy.

"With 3 architect and design representatives on board we are able to ensure we have the most current product line possible. Due to our size and relationship with our manufacturer we are able to respond to industry trends within months rather than years. Therefore, our customers are being offered the latest trends in flooring. This is important as your flooring will last a lifetime if you choose to never change it." - Ed Van Oene


The company believes in family with 4 family members from 2 generations actively engaged – even the family pet Bronson was involved – keeping staff company at the warehouse and posing in a media shoot for VanCity -  a strong partner to the business.

“We are  phthalate, phenol and heavy metal free which provides assurance of indoor air quality that far exceeds the standards of FloorScore and LEED. Our goal has always been to make the product as environmentally responsible while delivering performance and durability. Quality has never been sacrificed for cost. I am proud to say we have been able to achieve these goals throughout our history.” - Ed Van Oene on Harbinger Vinyl

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